What is Data Breach Insurance and Why You Need It

A few short years ago, if someone asked if you are prepared for a data breach, you might have responded: “what is a data breach?” A lot has changed in only a few years, when most people hardly knew what a data breach was. Today, it is shockingly common to hear about data breaches. Why the rapid change? Recent advances in technology have helped businesses run more smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, this progress has also created vulnerabilities. Easier-to-use systems such as cloud-based storage make data more accessible.

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Password Guidelines for Modern Cybersecurity

All too often these days, we hear about internet fraud and security breaches. High-profile cyberattacks have been a hot news topic in recent years. As a result, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its first Cybersecurity Framework in 2014. Now in its 5th year anniversary and recently updated, the framework outlines recommendations for organizations to improve their cybersecurity measures.

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