Best Practices for Attorney-Client Communication

Everyone knows about attorney-client privilege. Yet, with the rapidly changing way we communicate, there are new risks to this privilege. Your law firm should be taking action to adopt best practices when it comes to communications and data storage technologies.

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Billing Challenges of a Small Law Firm

You went to school to be a lawyer, but if you run your own firm, you probably find yourself trying to be an accountant as well. Are there any solutions available to you?

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Diversity and the Law Firm

Today's firms want to attract, retain, and promote professional staff from a wide variety of backgrounds. They hope to create an environment that values everyone's contributions to the workplace. This means that everyone in the firm should respect others that are different in terms of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. As they strive to do this, the firms and those working at the firms, support one another to develop to their fullest potential.

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Email Disclaimers For Law Firms

Email has become one of the staples of business and personal communication. Now more than ever, companies are increasingly aware that email and other forms of electronic communication pose some significant exposures. In recent years many organizations have fallen victim to lawsuits brought by both their employees and other companies as a result of email messages. Allegations can range anywhere from defamation of character to unintended contract formation.

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How a The State of the Insurance Market Affects Cost and Availability

Insurance markets are cyclical in nature. The cycle runs through what is known as a soft market and a hard market. During a soft market, insurance premiums tend to be lower and insurance companies have a higher appetite for taking on risks. A hard market is the opposite in that not only are premiums higher, but the appetite to take on risk is decreased.

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