Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Insurance

Legal Malpractice Insurance for Your Pennsylvania law firm


In Pennsylvania, attorneys and law firms are facing a rapid increase in legal cases. New technology and new business models are making things a bit complex for legal professionals to say the least. Law firms are now getting an ever-growing list of tasks on their to-do list. All this hustle can, and often does, create error & omissions in the daily tasks. These errors and omissions can easily turn into a legal malpractice claims which are costly, time-consuming, and more importantly, tarnish your reputation while leaving you in a financial crisis.

The reason behind these errors & omissions that Pennsylvania law firms make is very simple. Often times, they are simple administrative errors like filing dates being skipped or mistakenly missed, typographical errors, and lost paperwork. All of these seemingly simple errors can lead to major legal liability claims. Daniels-Headnsurance Agency has been offering personalized services to lawyers since 1954 with some of the finest insurance policies made by our Pennsylvania marketplace-experienced executives. You can get your quick estimate by simply clicking on the “quick estimate” button below.

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