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Imagine caring for a client in their estate planning.  Everything goes as discussed, from the time they sign their first contract with you to their last revision of their will.  Then, the time comes for their family to exercise the will you helped draft according to their wishes…

What happens when a living relative feels betrayed by the contents of the will?  They may decide to take legal action against the attorney who drafted it.

If you are an attorney practicing in estates, wills, trusts, or probate, it is crucial think about protecting your firm before signing on your first client.  Your clients may love you and appreciate you legalizing their wishes, but their descendants may not be in agreement with those wishes.

No matter what area of practice you do in Pennsylvania, it is wise to think further than your client. This is just one example of a legal malpractice claim that could arise.  One of the ways to help protect your law firm is to obtain professional liability insurance from a reliable and resourceful agent before opening your practice in the Keystone State!.  This is where the Daniels-Head Team shines!

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