Florida Professional Liability Insurance

Legal Malpractice Insurance for your law firm in Florida


Florida has the fourth largest economy when compared to the rest of the 50 states and small businesses with fewer than 500 employees are the key driving factor behind this economic strength. If you are a lawyer or a small law firm in Florida, having adequate professional liability insurance coverage has become a necessary part of the business. Ensuring that you have the right Florida professional liability insurance with the right limits and coverage can save you and/or your firm from the perils of a legal malpractice suit.

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency (DHIA), established in 1954, has been securing law firms in Florida from unforeseen damage that your agency/law firm could incur from any legal liability claim due to an errors and omissions. Our executives understand the Florida legal market and they have created personalized packages for your law firm's needs based on their extensive experience.. To get in touch with any of our executives, simply  click on the "quick estimate" button below and fill out the form telling us about your business and you will provide you with a personalized, quick estimate for your business.

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