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As a lawyer in North Carolina, you’ve probably come across an array of negligence claims. Negligence (or malpractice) claims are becoming more common for legal professionals in North Carolina. Whether it’s a client alleging that you were negligent or careless with the legal services you provided them, or a simple deadline was missed, these claims not only can impact your business’s reputation, but can also upset the finances and future of your entire operation.

No matter how cautious and careful attorneys, practitioners, or law firms are with their services, at the end of the day, they are also humans and can make mistakes too. This is why maintaining professional liability insurance is so crucial for every law firm to have. Daniels-Head Insurance Agency provides North Carolina law firms with access to top rated carriers, experienced agents, and products to help keep their businesses safe. You are just a few clicks away from getting yourself a quick estimate, so click here to get one now.