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If you’re doing business in the Tar Heel state, it’s easy to think you’re saving money by being uninsured.  However, when you understand that Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance is a claims-made and reported policy form, you can appreciate the necessity of being adequately insured from the start of your practice.  Like your Retirement Fund; You put some in now, little by little, so you can enjoy retirement with peace of mind.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance fortifies your law practice from financial loss and provides you with a defense counsel that protects your good name and your time.  And many carriers offer an Unlimited Extended Reporting Period Option, at no additional cost when you retire, provided that you have been continuously insured with that carrier for the minimum required number of years.  Which is why you want a highly-rated carrier that supplies you with a solid defense team and is financially stable enough to be in business for many years to come.  Otherwise, what are you paying for?

Be sure your North Carolina law practice is adequately insured by finding a dependable agent who is well-versed in professional liability insurance to help you secure tailored business insurance solutions for your unique needs.  And that is where the Daniels-Head Team shines!

Explore the feedback from our insureds, and some non-insureds, to find out why over 8,000 law firms turn to Daniels-Head for their professional liability insurance needs.

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