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Ohio!  The state where Daniels-Head Insurance Agency was born and continues to thrive today!  Although we will always have a special place in our hearts for Ohio, studies show that countless errors & omissions claims are reported each year, and they are increasing every year with no indication of stopping. The reason behind these claims is not that attorneys or law professionals are less capable, but are rather often due to the complexity of some client’s cases and short deadlines that are a reality in today's legal environment. It has become fairly common for attorneys to find themselves as a subject of a legal malpractice claim, regardless of whether the claim is frivolous or not. Therefore, attorneys in Ohio should absolutely get the protection that professional liability insurance policies provide. These policies provide peace of mind but they also provide a financial backbone to practitioners when facing a legal malpractice claim.

The rule of thumb for an attorney in Ohio is to get an errors and omissions insurance policy with proper coverage. Now is the time to explore the possibilities with Daniels-Head Insurance Agency. Daniels-Head has been providing personalized liability insurance to professionals in Ohio since 1954. So let this experience of more than 6 decades empower you and your law firm. Click on the "Quick Estimate" button and get your no-obligation cost estimate today.