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If you are a solo practitioner or a law firm in Connecticut, you know very well that although you are committed to your clients, they are not always committed to you. Today, many attorneys face legal malpractice allegations, and without proper errors and omissions insurance coverage, their practice is in jeopardy. As an attorney, not having legal liability insurance coverage can cause disarray, a damaged reputation, and losses of both time and money. 

Daniels-Head’s malpractice insurance is available to ease the minds of Connecticut lawyers and law firms alike by keeping their time and money protected. We have been serving clients since 1954, and are honored to be trusted by thousands of solo practitioners and law firms in Connecticut. Daniels-Head Insurance Agency (DHIA) is your one-stop shop for professional liability insurance. We want to ensure you’re protected, so click on the "Quick Estimate" button above to obtain a premium quick estimate from the some of the most experienced and knowledgeable agents in the industry.