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Legal malpractice claims and business negligence lawsuits are rising in Washington state and all over the country. It’s critical for lawyers to make sure they are being legally responsible (which they are) but lawyers are also human, and human error is something that cannot be escaped.

There is always a chance to make an error due to the sheer number of complex lawsuits you may handle for your clients, not to mention all of the other tasks that need to be attended to on a daily basis. These errors can be later used as a basis for a potentially costly legal malpractice claim against your firm. As such, the amount of protection that is provided by an insurance policy should be the absolute priority when operating your practice. 

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency has been offering services to legal professionals since 1954. We work closely with our clients to build strong relationships so we are able to provide them with insurance products fitting for their law practice.

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency came to prominence with a revolutionary approach to building the trust of our customers and understanding their needs. We have gone from being a regional business to a front-runner in the national insurance market. Daniels-Head has earned respect in Washington among small law firms and sole practitioners by providing an honest and customized service. You can request a no-obligation cost estimate for your business from us by clicking the “Quick Estimate” button and our account executives will be happy to do the legwork for you.