Illinois Lawyers Malpractice Insurance

Legal Malpractice Insurance for your Illinois law firm


As an Illinois legal professional, you are trusted and clients seek you out for your expert advice and opinions. There are bound to be times where you make a mistake and need to seek financial protection against any malpractice claims. In these times, you need the right insurance for you or your law firm. This insurance goes by many different names including professional liability insurance, legal malpractice insurance, lawyers malpractice insurance, and errors & omissions insurance (E&O insurance) but they all serve the same function: to protect you in a case of negligence lawsuit from your client.

Recently, we have noticed an uptick in malpractice suits in Illinois so you need an Illinois lawyers malpractice insurance to protect you. The law profession is always evolving and to keep up with these changes, attorneys and law firms face more and more challenges. While they try their best to keep up with the changes in law and technology, there are still chances of missed deadlines, conflicts of interest, and unintended errors & omissions which can later turn into legal malpractice lawsuits.

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