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Legal Malpractice Insurance for your law firm in Indiana

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Dealing with insurance is second nature to many law firms. For most any claim, you will have to work with whatever protection a plaintiff or defendant owns. All firms get a glimpse at the kind of damage that happens to a client without it. 

This kind of damage happens in legal malpractice suits all over the country. Even a minor error or omission can spiral into an unnecessary harangue for your legal firm. And legal malpractice suits happen all the time. National trends indicate malpractice suits  are on the rise on account of the aging generation of baby boomers. Can you take the chance without professional liability insurance? 

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency is a company that has been working to keep lawyers and their law firms protected for over 60 years by providing comprehensive, low-cost policies in nearly 30 states. There’s no need to shoulder the cost of an errant malpractice suit (and the stress won’t do anything to reduce your risk of moreerrors). Take that anxiety away by clicking to get a quick estimate and filling out our simple form to see what professional liability insurance policy works best for your legal firm.