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Legal Malpractice Insurance for your law firm in Utah

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Unfortunately, there is a high risk of legal malpractice suits in Utah, and it is only growing. Over the last 20 years, Utah law malpractice claims have increased considerably, and that puts lawyers and law firms at an increased risk. If you are a law professional in Utah and do not have professional liability insurance, the time is right for you to look in to obtaining this important coverage.  

Due to all the variables that come along with being an attorney, such as dealing with strict deadlines, numerous parties involved in cases, and the challenging changes in the legal environment, it is very common for an attorney to make an error or omission that can lead to a serious legal malpractice suit. This is why it is so important for lawyers and attorneys in Utah to have professional liability insurance with sufficient limits and coverage. 

At Daniels-Head we have been providing professional liability insurance to our clients in Utah since the 1970’s. If you wish to explore why so many others have relied on DHIA for their business insurance needs, fill out our quick 3 page form to receive a quick estimate by clicking on the “quick estimate” button below.