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No matter where in Kentucky you are practicing law, no attorney is perfect.  A simple error or omission can cause considerable damages and pose a serious financial threat to your law firm. A missed deadline or an administrative error like the misprint of a court date may easily cost an attorney thousands of dollars. The policies that cover these types of claims are known by different names such as professional liability, errors & omissions, and legal malpractice insurance.

To have a successful legal business, Kentucky malpractice insurance, or Kentucky errors & omissions insurance, is very important and has even become a concern of many law firm clients. This means clients may choose to work with another law firm over yours if you are not protected with professional liability insurance.

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency provides premier insurance products to attorneys in Kentucky by understanding their unique business capacity and needs. Since 1954 we have provided our clients with not just insurance plans, but also peace of mind and the confidence they needed to feel protected.

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