Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers Louisiana

Legal Malpractice Insurance for your law firm in Louisiana


In Louisiana, legal malpractice claims are on the rise and this is a trend we’re seeing across many states.. Most commonly, lawyers in Louisiana face legal malpractice lawsuits or errors & omissions lawsuits because of tiny mistakes like administrative errors, lost paperwork, or typographical errors. These legal malpractice claims weigh heavily on the business budget and disturb everything that you may have planned for your business growth.  For these reasons, it has become increasingly important for Louisiana lawyers and law firms to have adequate malpractice insurance limits and coverage.

Professional liability insurance in Louisiana has become a must-have coverage for many businesses. Those in construction, real estate, medicine, or legal professions must have professional liability insurance (also known as errors & omissions insurance) along with general liability insurance to properly protect themselves. 

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