New Jersey Malpractice Insurance for Lawyers

Legal Malpractice Insurance for your law firm in New Jersey

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Lawyers have a commitment to do their best for their clients. But with stacks of cases and constant work, the risk of mistakes and errors can exist. And for legal firms both big and small, that can be punishing. Stack the stress of a malpractice suit on top of your already busy schedule and that risk just increases. Professional liability insurance is the easiest way to get over those hurdles. 

New Jersey trends over the last 10 years have shown an uptick in legal malpractice cases. At Daniels-Head Insurance Agency we have observed that small law firms often take these suits the hardest while large firms struggle with much larger claims. This is not a single-issue problem; these claims can come from anywhere and at any time—but you don’t have to shoulder the burden yourself.

Daniels-Head has been providing professional liability insurance for over 60 years, and we currently provide quality service and protection to over 30 states across the US. Click here to get a no-obligation cost estimate for your law firm.