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If you’re concerned about your coverage, you owe it to yourself to check out our affordable options just for small firms and sole practitioners. With an emphasis on innovation, refined distribution methods, and above all, the development of customer partnerships, we have transformed ourselves from a company with regional business interests to a front-runner in the national insurance market. Due to the complexity of most lawsuits, the challenging legal environment, the large number of parties involved, and the various deadlines which must be met, it is easy for attorneys to make an error or omission, even if trivial, which may later be used as a basis for a legal malpractice claim. Discover why small firms and sole practitioners of Arizona depend on Daniels-Head Insurance Agency for their professional liability insurance needs. Request your free quote today.

Legal malpractice claims are on the rise in Arizona and across the country and it’s more important than ever for lawyers to make sure they have adequate professional liability coverage. We have been offering personalized service since 1954 with some of the finest insurance products available in the marketplace.


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