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To understand professional liability insurance in California, let us have a look at the following facts which has been summed up by SBA California Economics Profile, 2006.

A small business is also known as a company having less than 500 employees. In California, 97.4% of the 3.4 million small businesses have between 1-99 employees. Another 2.6% of small businesses are one-person operations having no employees at all.

And among these small businesses and one-person operations, there is a big number of solo practitioners and law firms which receive legal malpractice claims in California on almost a daily basis. These claims require a strong errors and omissions insurance (also known as E&O insurance) policy, especially for lawyers in California.

Legal malpractice claims are increasing in California and all over the country. Due to the hazardous nature of the legal profession, it is very important for any solo practitioner and/or any law firm to have the best possible insurance coverage. The professional liability insurance California lawyers need isn’t just for their own protection, it’s also something that clients look for.  More and more clients are searching for law firms that have legal malpractice insurance in California and would pass you up  if you do not have a legal malpractice insurance policy.

We know that it is very important for your law firm to keep expenses low and still compete with the market. Daniels-Head Insurance Agency has become a front-runner in the field by providing high-quality insurance services since 1954 across the United States and for almost 30 years in California. We have reached this level of success by gaining the trust and confidence of thousands of law firms in California.

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