Errors & Omissions Insurance for Professionals

Professionals Serving Professionals

Professionals that own and operate their own business need errors & omissions insurance in addition to their other business insurance. Errors & omissions (also known as professional liability insurance) is designed to help protect an insured from possible catastrophic financial loss due to unforeseen damages from a lawsuit.

Professionals are expected to be knowledgeable and well versed in their particular area of expertise. Their customers expect them to perform the services for which they are contracted, according to the standards of conduct in their profession. This expectation for a higher "standard of care" can potentially expose professionals to lawsuits.

At DHIA, we have a reputation for excellent customer service and dependability. We take great pride in being accessible to our clients. To help protect your financial security, contact us today and allow us work with you to obtain the suitable insurance for your needs. We work with several A rated insurance companies that can provide the specific types of coverages you or your company may require.

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