Reporting a Claim or Potential Claim To Attorney Protective

Attorney Protective Claims Guide

Law firms insured through the Attorney Protective program learning of a claim or a potential claim should follow these procedures:

  1. As soon as practicable after becoming aware of a claim or a potential claim, please call (877) 728-8776 or send an email to our claims team at
  2. Review your policy for details regarding your coverage.
  3. After contacting us, a member of our Claims Operations team will be assigned to gather information from you regarding the reported matter.
  4. Once the information is collected, a Claims Specialist with extensive claims experience will be assigned to assist you and manage all aspects of the claim.
  5. Your Claims Specialist will promptly contact you and, if appropriate, begin the process of selecting Defense Counsel.
  6. In the event that your Defense Counsel is assigned, he or she will contact you directly to begin discussing your case.
  7. Your Defense Counsel and Claims Specialist will collaborate with each other and with you until a resolution is reached.
  8. Once a resolution is reached, the claim will be closed.
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