Ken Redfern President

Ken was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He grew up playing golf and hockey, but escaped the cold north as soon as he could. He eventually garnered a full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona in Tucson to play for the golf team. He began working for Daniels-Head in 1979 and has helped the company become one of the foremost leaders in the professional liability insurance arena. Ken is married to his wife Cheryl and has seven children. Six boys, and one girl. When he isn't running Daniels-Head, or herding children and grandchildren, Ken still enjoys playing golf and is a solid 2 handicap.

Draye Redfern Head of Marketing

Draye oversees the Marketing and Special Projects within the organization and has been with DH for over 10 years. He is an author, podcaster, information junkie and world traveler. He has a passion for cycling & running and has visited more than 26 countries across 5 continents. When he is not working, Draye enjoys spending time with his wife and child and representing the Redfern "B" team on the golf course.

Maureen Levy Corporate Communications

Maureen began her work in the insurance industry in 1983 and has been with Daniels-Head since 1988. She serves as the corporate liaison for the various insurance brokerages, carriers and exchanges that DH does business with. Because of the heavy golf culture inside of Daniels-Head, Maureen was all but forced to pick up a set of clubs and learn how to play golf. She hopes that one day her professional career will finally take off.

Vicki Klopfenstein Head of Brokered Business

Vicki has over 21 years of experience in Professional Liability and holds the RPLU designation. She has been with Daniels-Head for 6 years and oversees all Brokered business, including the acceptance and registration of new agencies to access the Daniels-Head programs. When Vicki does not have her Insurance "Rock Star" cape on, she enjoys learning how to speak Swahili, spending time with her family, croissants, and horrible YouTube videos.

Trent Redfern Head of Finance

Before joining Daniels-Head, Trent was the captain of The University of Arizona Men's golf team and gained his tour card on PGA Tour Canada after turning professional. At DHIA, Trent keeps track of the financial statements, manages financial risks, and is responsible for the analysis of data within the organization. Trent also runs the quarterly State of The Company meetings and assists in operations

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