Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Zurich - the best defense for protection against malpractice claims

Zurich understands the need for all lawyers to be protected against the possibility of malpractice claims. Real protection means an insurance carrier with a record of accomplishment in the service of lawyers and a track record of providing real and expert care in the event a claim is made.

Zurich's coverage is the most effective way to protect your business and the interests of your clients, and is designed for a variety of law practices:

  • Sole proprietors and law firms from 1 to 99 attorneys
  • Solo attorneys who practice law part time
  • Solo attorneys who are working in a non-legal job and need insurance for "moonlighting" as an attorney

Whether you are a lawyer practicing solo or a law firm, full-time, part-time or moonlighting, Zurich offers an insurance solution to meet the specific professional liability needs of your practice. Zurich insureds are secure in the knowledge that their coverage is tailored to their needs, and in the event of a claim they can turn to specialized claims professionals - lawyers - to provide the best defense from notice of a claim to its final resolution.

Zurich is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best with a financial size category of XV.


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